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DCTC Phase 1 Homologation / Widening of DC

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Project Notes:

Create a FIS Homologated GS, SL & SG run at Mont Ste Marie by widening and lengthening the old Outaouais ski run.

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    Fundraiser created 2 years 5 months 5 days ago

    Christopher Klotz is the organizer of this fundraiser.

Thanks to generous donations from 163 families, local businesses, the Municipality of Lac Ste Marie, regional ski clubs - Camp Fortune Ski Club, Vorlage Ski Club, Edelweiss Ski Club, Outaouais Ski Zone and large donations from Club Mont Ste Marie and Mont Ste Marie, $191,500 was collectively raised for the Homologation project (Phase 1). The funds were used to lengthen and widen the old "Outaouais" ski run on Cheval Blanc to meet new safety standards required by the International Ski Federation (FIS). The new "Dustin Cook" (DC) run officially opened in March 2016 as a FIS sanctioned SL and GS run that not only benefits racers but also skiers from across the region. 

"The Dustin Cook run is the best Giant Slalom run in North America!" Piot Gelin – Former Canadian Alpine Ski Team World Cup coach, Quebec Team coach, etc.

With the "Dustin Cook" run considered to be one of the best and most challenging giant slalom runs in all of North America, Club Mont Ste Marie was awarded the highest caliber ski race in North America for men this winter, the NOR-AM Championship Finals coming in March 2017.

With MSM (skiing), Velo MSM (mountain biking) and Club de Golf Lac Ste Marie, the Dustin Cook Training Centre will be a huge boost to tourism and the entire community. Already the run is beginning to attract race teams from outside the region to train on DC mid week. In hosting FIS races, skiers / racers from across Quebec, Ontario and the North Eastern United States will be drawn to the region more often. 

To create a world class facility, modern energy efficient snow making equipment and increased capacity is desperately needed to lengthen the training window for early season and late season training camps. Extending the effective operating range of snow making will add almost two weeks of snow making days in December alone. At present regional athletes are forced to travel out West or to the North Eastern United States at great cost to find snow. It will lead to better snow quality for everyone to enjoy and free up capacity so that other runs can open sooner, benefiting not just racers but all skiers at large. It will further generate additional employment and provide for a longer more sustainable ski season. 

The "Dustin Cook Training Centre" is a Club Mont Ste Marie initiative that will show what is possible through a unique private, corporate and public partnership. It will have a significant boost to regional tourism and will benefit skiers at every level. Phase 2 is estimated to cost approximately $859,000.

The not-for-profit Club Mont Ste Marie will own the above ground assets (snow making guns, etc). Access to the run for the general public would not materially change and the club's access to the run and the investment into the run will be protected through a Hill Use Agreement and servitude. The objective is for the run to open earlier in the season, mid-week and later when it has been traditionally closed. 

Phase 3 of the project is to establish at the top of the Dustin Cook run is a "start lodge." It would double as a warm up lodge not just for athletes but for all skiers. With panoramic views of the Gatineau Mountains it would be a welcomed place to warm up on those chilly winter days.  At the bottom of the run a Competition Centre is  needed for race offices, timing, equipment storage, volunteers and athletes. It would replace the existing silver bullet and timing shacks. 

"The run is phenomenal and we now have a world class GS run in the East! But that's only step one! In order to have a world class run and training centre, you need world class snow, and for that to happen you need world class snowmaking. As you expand terrain you also need to expand your snowmaking capacity and this should be step 2 of the project. Top quality snowmaking allows earlier (and later) access to training on the hill which benefits everyone. Think Vail pre-season training but in the East! It also allows for a better and more consistent surface which is essential for top level racing, and developing top level racers. Hosting the NorAm finals is a huge accomplishment (and a testament to the quality of the run!). I'm super excited about the Training Centre and looking forward to big things coming up!"

Dustin Cook, Canadian Alpine Ski Team (Silver medalist at the 2015 World Alpine Championships)

"The Dustin Cook Training Centre is a reflection of the Club MSM's commitment to running a world class alpine program that offers aspiring ski racers the opportunity to hone their skills on what is now considered by many as the finest GS run in all of North America." 

Paul Turner, Club MSM President

“The quantum expansion of the Dustin Cook Run has truly made for amazing skiing for everyone. However, as we have all experienced over the last several seasons snowmaking has become a challenge in December. The combination of weather and ski run expansion means more snowmaking. The solution is more capacity which can only be achieved by increased water pump capacity and higher yielding snowmaking gun technology. Mont Ste-Marie working with the ski community and racing clubs can bring this to fruition. Let’s go!"

Bob Sudermann
Owner of Mont Ste Marie ski resort.

"The Dustin Cook Training Centre signifies the dawn of a new era at Mont Ste. Marie. It will significantly increase both the mountain and regions appeal and attract many new tourists into the area." 

Marc Foucault
Owner of Club de golf Lac Ste-Marie
U 12 Coach Club MSM

Thanks to the inspiration of Dustin Cook and his World Championship and World Cup success, the MSM World Cup Athlete Development Fund has been established as a way for the community to support the next generation of stars.

“The legacy of excellence in the Outaouais is truly remarkable - and Dustin Cook is the most recent champion who has made the entire country proud. It takes a community and projects that invest in future champions not only give that shot of adrenaline to young athletes, they inspire others to explore their potential. Please consider a investment in our ski racing community, in our athletes and in the future of our sport in Canada.”
Ken Read (Crazy Canuck - Winner of 5 World Cup downhills including the famed Hahnenkamm in Kitzbühel)

For large donations please send a cheque to Club Mont Ste. Marie to this address: 108 Stanley Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 1N9 and also please email Chris Klotz (campaign organizer) by selecting the Contact button below so that your donation amount can be added to this page (This will save fees).

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